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About CheckNet

CheckNET works with consultants and partners who have a long experience in telecommunications companies.

CheckNET uses this experience to guide service providers on how to build a competitive organisation and succeed in their business

NOC Services

Do you have the game under control ?

In chess it is important to oversee your position to notice threats before they cause serious losses. In the same way it is important to see what is going on in your network. Only with permanent monitoring and surveillance, problems can be identified before major damage happens.

The optimal surveillance solution, a 24x7 NOC organisation for all systems, is expensive to build. Trained staff is needed for every deployed hardware and software platform. The training of the employees needs time and money, and a complete training for the whole team is often hard to accomplish.

As a result of this, staff has often not enough knowledge and experience to resolve problems effectively and quickly.

We have experts working 24x7 who are specialised in IP-networks, voice platforms and security systems. We share the resources among many networks, which makes it easy for us to have experts available for every system and at any time.